A home for the swarm of global citizenry.
An open + algorithmically mediated space,
For dreaming, understanding, and acting
to affect local and global change.


The 2020 COVID-19 crisis revealed that we are an interconnected whole.

We need to mobilize globally as a swarm to connect local decision making to global action.

We need to transcend national + regional boundaries in our scope of action.

Technology enables us to make these connections even as the virus confines us to our homes + local physical contexts.

Harnessing our collective potential

Powered by the swarm

Pluriversum harnesses our collective super-intelligence to enable participatory democracy.

Our platform combines and remixes our diverse perspectives to dream, understand, and act to address the most complex problems we face today, such as climate change.

Image basen on Stafford Beers, Syntegration® reverberation effect

the pluriverse cooperative, 2033