Pluriversum is a mode for planetary-scale engagement in participatory democracy.

It is a space that convenes the multitude, by the multitude, and for the multitude.


    • Renee Gudiño
    • Shauna Jin
    • Diana Millán
    • Lourdes Rodríguez
    • Israel  Viadest

This speculative project explored flipping “the Situation Room” on its head. Read more here.

This July 2020 project has been developed in the Technological Democratization Track within the frame of Post-Inertia Summer school, developed by Port-0, the speculative and critical research team of Scola Massana. Special thanks to tutors, Antonio Calleja-López & Pablo DeSoto, and organizers Ignasi Ayats and Andreu Belsunces Gonçalves.

the pluriverse cooperative, 2033