Roberta de Melo e Faro (@AbuCool69)Located in Portugal  
Digital citizenship distributed in 17 Countries

Roberta just released the newest version of her plans for her iconic conversational radio for off the grid communities and for those with accessibility challenges like herself. The 88 year, lives alone in a small town in Portugal, and recognizes the need to create multiple levels of inclusivity when building tech.

The radio is run by an AI and informs citizens about current challenges being discussed, both, locally and globally. Citizens can interact via voice recognition. Conversations and interactions are recorded and used as input by Pluriversum in decision making processes.

Since she launched the first version in 2028, Roberta has built a thriving community around the device. She and her supporters have mobilized social workers to deliver the radios to houses around the world, and educate citizens on how to operate the radios.

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